Unified Storage Router

Cost-Effective Solution to Improved FC SAN Utilization

In mid-range and enterprise businesses, rapid growth increases the cost of operations and spreads critical business data and resources across multiple systems and applications.  Chelsio’s USR-1100 is a 10G iSCSI-to-FC, iSCSI-to-SAS, or Windows Server 2012 SMB Direct-to-iSCSI/SAS/FC router that extends the existing storage investment with the ability to integrate low-cost Ethernet-connected servers into the SAN, without requiring additional storage arrays or management costs.

Fibre Channel SANs and SAS storage  are able to leverage IP networks and extend SAN advantages into smaller departments and remote locations where budget constraints would not allow for a FC SAN or SAS storage.  This enables storage consolidation by creating larger SANs extending over longer distances providing access to storage that can be scaled/re-allocated when needed.

Instead of potentially underutilized, direct-attached, server-dedicated storage, a multi-protocol SAN provides access to storage that is allocated when needed, improving asset utilization and enabling new applications.

10G/1G iSCSI-to-FC Router

10G/1G iSCSI-to-SAS Router

10G SMB Direct-to-iSCSI/SAS/FC Router

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