Since 1996, Larivière Gesellschaft für digitale Präsentationssysteme has been focusing its efforts on finding visualisation solutions in the IT and A/V fields. The MDI (Medical Digital Imaging) division is engaged in the digitalization of X-rays using high-quality scanning technology and the presentation of radiological data via projectors conforming to the DICOM 14 standard. Today, Larivière systems can be found in the X-ray departments of almost all large clinics and our service department oversees the maintenance and repair of installed units across Europe.

Canon XEED SX80/WUX 10 Mark II Medical 

AcuScreen Pro is a system for the calibration of LCD/DLP and LCOS/D-ILA projectors conforming to the DICOM 14 standard. With the help of AcuScreen, projectors can be connected PACS and used for teaching purposes and in presentations. AcuScreen Pro permits the calibration of practically any computer graphics card compatible with MS Windows, providing optimum quality in the digital projection and examination of radiology pictures, mammograms and other medical applications. 

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