Technological breakthroughs in Computer-Aided Imagery (CG) are enabling content creators to produce revolutionary advances in films, video and TV, animation, games, commercials and all other forms of media. This bold new world of innovative digital content is exciting, but also challenging. Artists need to be able to collaborate more efficiently and they need to be able to have at their disposal huge data files that can be manipulated and shared without any delays or downtime. In addition, they often need quick access to older files. With BlueArc, content creators are able to work with a storage solution that is equally as groundbreaking as their CGI solutions. BlueArc solutions provide speed, quality, and high-availability for reducing artist downtime, speeding up production schedules and enabling more revisions.

BlueArc Media & Entertainment

BlueArc is a preferred vendor for post production projects. BlueArc's high performance network storage is ideal for today's busy CGI, post production, and game studios.

  • Render faster
  • Reduce dropped frames
  • Slash artist overtime and IT costs