Jeda Networks has taken the concept of the Software Defined Network (SDN) and created the worlds first Software Defined Storage Network (SDSN™). The Software Defined Storage Network focuses on the most complex and critical issues of the Enterprise Networking Ecosystem including acquisition cost, deployment and management resource requirements. Simply put, Jeda Networks is redefining the economics of storage networking.

What is a Software Defined Network (SDN)?

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF),, states that SDN’s allow network designers and operators to simplify networks by exploiting fundamental abstractions in the network architecture to bring direct software programmability to networks worldwide. SDN’s enable networks to evolve by giving logically centralized control software the power to modify the behavior of network devices. More specifically, SDN’s applied to network switches decouple the control plane from the data plane hardware making it possible to add features, reduce costs and speed innovation. The rationale for this approach is to lower both the CapEx, by using industry standard and not proprietary network equipment, and OpEx, by simplifying the deployment and management of networks

What is a Software Defined Storage Network (SDSN™)?

Jeda Networks takes Software Define Networking a step further by applying SDN’s to high performance Storage Area Networks (SAN). Today’s SANs are complex stand-alone systems often costing much more per connection than their standard networking counterparts in terms of both CapEx and OpEx. End-users must purchase and maintain two separate networks with little management functionality in common.

Jeda Networks decouples the Storage Area Network switch control and data planes and “converges” the SAN onto the Ethernet LAN. This results in centralizing network intelligence and state and abstracting the underlying Storage Area Network infrastructure. SDSN’s gain unprecedented programmability, automation and network control, enabling the building of highly scalable and flexible storage networks that readily adapt to changing business needs

What is an FNC?

The Jeda Fabric Network Controller (FNC) creates a high performance “storage network overlay” on top of an Ethernet fabric. This Software Defined Storage Network (SDSN) transforms the Ethernet fabric into a powerful and agile storage networking fabric.