Backup & Archiving

Perennity Archive edition offers a solution for those who are looking for a robust data archiving platform. As a flexible toolkit, Perennity can also be used to easily and quickly interface any application that needs automated output of files (e.g. scanned documents, medical images, audio/video) to CD and DVD.

As such, Perennity also helps you satisfy your legal requirements when electronic documents need to be retained for several years or even decades. The unattended recording process will be launched based on a predefined event (e.g. presence of a file, capacity threshold, …) or schedule (e.g. every day, week or month).

You may choose to delete the original files automatically after archiving, or keep them. CD and DVD recording is performed on autoloaders equipped with CD printers (e.g. Rimage) for a fully automated process.

All archiving operations can be logged into a database. A user friendly application allows authorised users to search for archived files and retrieve them.

How it works

Perennity Archive Edition