Related Jukebox Management Software - QStar Archive Manager
QStar Archive Manager software creates an ‘Active Archive’ by virtualizing an archive technology behind a file system. Users and administrators can see ordinary file shares and can easily search, find and retrieve data directly from the archive.
QStar Archive Manager software can be installed on any server platform running Windows, UNIX, or LINUX, for seamless integration with existing network security models. Software solutions can lower costs while offering easier migration to new servers, operating systems or storage as future needs dictate, delivering tremendous cost savings compared to appliance-based solutions.
  • Archive is presented as a standard file system via CIFS/NFS
  • Supports choice of optimized proprietary or industry standard file systems such as LTFS (for tape) or UDF (for optical)
  • Software can be installed on server using Windows, Linux or UNIX
  • Storage independent architecture - tape, optical, RDX, disk, object storage, cloud
  • Highly scalable capacity and functionality
  • Online and offline storage management
  • Optional encryption & digital signature
  • Optional mirroring & data replication with Data Director or Archive Replicator
  • Optional policy-based tiered storage and data management with QStar Network Migrator
  • Users and applications can access ALL files directly from archive
  • Reliable data security and archive disaster prevention
  • Reduces storage costs
  • Eliminates the need for archive backup
  • Enables cost effective expansion
  • Provides a foundation for e-discovery
  • Supports greener storage technologies


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