Organizations need continuous visibility into their enterprise IT network to detect various issues related to performance and network threat before any of those issues turn into a potential business loss. Swift visibility and investigation of IT incidents to determine scope and impact, effectively reduces business loss, keeps your business services running, improves performance of your network, applications, contains threats and re-secures your network.
ThoughtData's NetSense sensors provides the best-in-class network data capture and retrieval solution with centralized analysis and visualization. It accelerates the unified observability into enterprise network, application, infrastructure & cloud performance while IT teams make technological transformations to support new business requirements.
ThoughtData's NetSense packet sensor solution provides seamless insight into network, application and infrastructure related failures and performance, helps you identify dependencies during incident triages, troubleshoot problems using various customizable work flows, find root cause, and gather evidence to fix issues with confidence.
ThoughtData's Enterprise Network Threat Intelligence allows you to identify and resolve security incidents faster by capturing, correlating and indexing metadata from packets and logs. With network forensics, you can detect a broad array of security incidents, improve the quality of your response and precisely quantify the impact of each incident.
Security Analysts can review specific network packets, logs and sessions before, during and after an attack. Being able to reconstruct and visualize the events triggering malware download or call-back enables your security team to respond effectively and swiftly to prevent recurrence. They can expand visibility
into attacker activity by decoding protocols typically used to laterally spread attacks in a network.