eXtreme RX990i G3

The XENON eXtreme™ RX990i G3 is built on the Intel® Core™ i9 Comet Lake delivering 10 Cores, 20MB of L3 cache and baseline CPU frequency of 3.7 GHz. Overclocked with XENON proprietary BIOS and XENON closed loop liquid cooling, this complete system is engineering and tested so every part works in harmony to deliver a consistent 5.3 GHz speed and low latency connectivity. Combined with up to 128 DDR4 UDIMM memory, 4x hot swappable 2.5″ drive bays, this system is the bedrock of High Frequency Trading platforms.


  • 10th Gen Intel Core i9 processors overclocked with XENON BIOS to 5.3GHz, optimised for low latency
  • 20MB L3 cache
  • Memory options up to 4x 32GB DDR4 UDIMM
  • Storage options with 4 x hot-swappable 2.5″ bays
  • PCIe 3.0 x2
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RX990i G3  18 Cores 5.0Ghz Solo 1U HFT Server