Enterprise Service and Support (ESS)

Solarflare® Enterprise Service and Support (ESS) delivers enterprise-class support services, including contractual service level agreements (SLAs) suitable for deployment in Fortune 1000 data centers as well as high frequency trading, cloud service providers and HPC environments. This Product Guide explains the features and benefits of ESS and the types of service and support offerings provided.

ESS provides flexible service levels for a broad range of customers, from small sites to multi-national corporations with mission-critical applications.

Solarflare Enterprise Service and Support (ESS) provides a complete software solution that is fully supported by Solarflare. Solarflare ESS is available for all Solarflare server adapters installed with Solarflare kernel drivers, OpenOnload® open source ultra-low latency middleware, and EnterpriseOnload® enterprise-class ultra-low latency middleware.

Download Solarflare Enterprise Service and Support Product Brief