High-Performance 10Gb Ethernet Controllers
The Solarflare SFC9000 10G Ethernet LOM/controller family features unmatched performance and scalability for next-generation, virtualized data centers. SFC9000 controllers are uniquely equipped to handle the application loads of next generation of multi-core processors, while at the same time providing unmatched power efficiency.
Solarflare's 10G Ethernet controller family that has been optimized for use in high-volume mainstream servers, and are ideal for virtualized server environments. They feature the industry's highest level of integration, enabling the industry's lowest-power and highest-performance. With Solarflare, users can upgrade to 10G performance while reducing power, cost, and solution footprint. Solarflare controllers are targeted for use on motherboards, server adapters, and blade mezzanine cards. Solarflare controllers are ideal for high-density rack/blade servers and virtualized server environments.
Power Efficiency
  • 2.4W power consumption
  • Meets Energy Star guidelines for all physical interface options
Virtual Network Acceleration
  • Supports 10x the number of virtual NICs as the competition
  • Supports 10x the number of guest operating systems as the competition
  • Direct guest access via industry standard SR-IOV
High Performance
  • Lowest latency in the industry
  • Line rate performance concurrently on both ports
  • Full set of off-loads for leading CPU efficiency

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