Capture SolarSystem™ & SolarCapture™ Software
Capture SolarSystem is a pre-configured, optimized and enhanced capture soft-appliance solution delivered as a set of packages ready to be installed on qualified server hardware running RHEL 7. Capture SolarSystem significantly lowers the cost of packet capture and storage with the introduction of an open, soft-appliance solution providing high-performance hardware time-stamped Ethernet packet capture, persisted storage and query on qualified off-the-shelf server hardware.
SolarCapture™ is powerful packet capture product family that can transform every server into a precision network monitoring device, increasing network visibility, network instrumentation, and performance analysis. SolarCapture products optimize network monitoring and security, while eliminating the need for specialized appliances, expensive adapters relying on exotic protocols, proprietary hardware, and dedicated networking equipment.
Capture SolarSystem Soft Appliance
Instrumenting networks has long been a key goal for a number of compelling reasons including Network Forensics, Financial Market Analytics, Regulatory Requirements, Risk Management, Threat Detection, SLA Compliance, Performance Monitoring and more. Unfortunately the main barrier to implementing more than minimum instrumentation required for a specific purpose has long been the capture hardware appliance model. Capture SolarSystem is an open, soft-appliance solution that lowers the cost of packet capture and provides high-performance hardware time-stamped Ethernet packet capture and pervasive enterprise data recording, retention and query.
SolarCapture SDK
SolarCapture SDK is custom application development for proprietary application development or integration with existing applications. APIs including C & Python library bindings and example applications and documentation are provided for use with any OpenOnload®-enabled Solarflare server adapter.
SolarCapture Live
SolarCapture Live is a live line-rate packet capture application that runs on any OpenOnload®-enabled server I/O adapter for integration with real-time pcap compliant monitoring applications. Advanced features including standard libpcap API for real-time capture with packet and BPF filters, capture of both ingress and egress flows, and packet capture clustering for parallel application processing.
SolarCapture Pro
SolarCapture Pro is available as an application for Solarflare's OpenOnload®-enabled Flareon™ Server I/O Adapters utilizing kernel bypass middleware. It's also available in a more feature-rich version designed specifically to run on Solarflare's ApplicationOnload™ Engine – AOE – taking full advantage of AOE’s unique integration of Solarflare's industry-leading, low latency 10GbE server adapter technology and an advanced FPGA processing engine.
SolarCapture Pro provides real-time capture bypassing the kernel and delivering packets with lowest latency at highest message rates directly to user space, while optimizing CPU utilization by assigning packet capture processing threads to specific CPU cores.
In combination with the Solarflare Precision Time AppFlex license, SolarCapture Pro inserts hardware time stamps into each packet based on <10ns hardware time stamp resolution synchronized by Solarflare Precision Time Protocol (PTP) hardware.
With application clustering, SolarCapture Pro can enable multiple instances of Snort to secure the network at line rate eliminating false negatives. SolarCapture Pro can process millions of packets per second, and can also be configured to spread the load over a larger number of cores using receive-side scaling (RSS).
AOE SolarCapture Pro
For security applications, AOE SolarCapture Pro provides lossless real-time packet capture with the ability to inject threats in real-time and at line rate.
For financial services, SolarCapture Pro enables line rate capture with an accurate time base for regulatory reporting, and nanosecond performance analysis to identify capacity spikes and trade execution latencies.
SolarCapture Pro's libpcap API is compatible with popular network management and security applications while its modular extensible API simplifies custom post-capture processing. AOE SolarCapture Pro delivers 100% lossless packet capture, as well as simultaneous capture and host delivery of packets. It also features packet injection to assess the vulnerabilities of network security devices.
Solution Paks
The Capture SolarSystem and SolarCapture Pro Solution Paks are complete turnkey packet capture solutions for financial services, security and enterprises. The Solution Paks streamline the Capture SolarSystem and SolarCapture Pro deployments by providing out-of-the-box preconfigured SFN7124F and SFN7142Q adapters with factory installed software licenses.
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