ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE) & Firmware Development Kit
With the introduction of its second generation AOE, Solarflare has achieved significant advancements in the processing of network data. Through the innovative integration of an advanced FPGA processing engine and Solarflare's industry-leading, low-latency, half-length 40GbE server I/O adapter, the SFA7942Q can further reduce application run-times, decrease overall latency and minimize server CPU workloads. AOE provides an open platform that supports applications developed by Solarflare, customer-developed apps or applications from third-party developers.
With the next-generation AOE, users can expect to see dramatic improvements in application performance, while maintaining full compatibility with Solarflare's 40GbE server I/O adapter drivers and OpenOnload software. The SFA7942Q operates in both 2x40GbE and 8x10GbE modes.
Solarflare's second generation Firmware Development Kit (FDK) enables customers and developers to create and deploy customized FPGA-based and hybrid network applications for the AOE. New additions to the FDK 2.0 include full RTL source code to board services cores as well as reference source code and complete control of the packet data path across the FPGA.
AOE's key features include:
  • Bump-in-the-wire processing of network data
  • Optimized for network-centric, high-compute applications
  • Enables both pre- and post-processing of high-speed network data
  • Provides an open platform for the development and deployment of customized network applications
AOE is ideal for the implementation of applications such as encryption/decryption, intrusion detection, line arbitration, packet capture, image enhancement and stabilization, pattern recognition, data filtering and many others.
SFA7942Q 40GbE ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE)
On-board Application Acceleration
Logic can be loaded on the FPGA, enabling bump-in-the-wire processing of network data with a simple, transparent interface to the server, resulting in significant application acceleration.
Reduced End-to-End Latency
While the server adapter lowers network latency, the FPGA significantly reduces application latency, resulting in a dramatic reduction in total end-to-end latency.
Improved Server Utilization
Running applications on the AOE significantly improves CPU, memory and I/O utilization on your server, freeing up processing cycles for other functions and applications.
Simplified Application Development
Through the use of AOE's second generation Firmware Development Kit (FDK) – which includes full RTL source code to board services cores as well as reference source code and complete control of the packet data path across the FPGA – customized applications can be developed and deployed more quickly.
Multiple Application Resources
In addition to Solarflare-developed applications, Solarflare's AOE Partner Network can provide pre-existing applications or can design, build and deploy customized AOE applications to meet customer-specific requirements, providing a range of deployment options.
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SFA7942Q 40GbE