Specialty Adapters
Bypass Adapters
Chelsio Bypass Adapters Ensure Business Continuity
Chelsio’s latest dual port 10GbE and Quad Port 1GbE Adapters are based on the robust fourth generation Terminator 4 (T4) ASIC, delivering line-rate full duplex performance.  With four operational modes (bypass, normal, drop and selective bypass), Chelsio Bypass Adapters enable intrusion prevention/business continuity, WAN optimized TCP offload, load balancing and inline and wire speed analytics.

Unified Storage Motherboard

Unified Storage Motherboard (USM)
Single Board Storage Controller
Chelsio’s Unified Storage Motherboard is a single board computer which creates a storage subsystem consisting of up to 24 SAS disks which are accessible via Ethernet as a SAN or NAS.
Product Description Datasheet Download
B420-SR High performance, dual-port 10Gb Ethernet Bypass Server Adapter
B404-BT High performance, quad-port 1GbE Bypass Server Adapter
B320E High performance, 2 x 10GbE Bypass & Firewall Adapter
USM Single Board Storage Controller