Revolution re-imagines all aspects of current radiationi protection products. Every product in the Revolution line has been built from the ground up to blend style, comfort and protection. The Revolution line of radiation protection products truly changes the industry.

Revolutionary Outer Fabric

The new Revolution outer fabric is the softest fabric for radiation protection garments. Revolution Fabric is exclusive to Infab. It is lightweight, waterproof, abrasion resistant, flame resistant, and bacterial resistant.

Simple and Accurate Sizing

Infab teamed up with a professional pattern maker to create the best fitting aprons in the industry, eliminating the need for custom sizing. This new accurate sizing makes it easy to order a Revolution Apron. If your measurements are correct as per the chart, the apron will fit properly and be the most comforable you have ever worn. 


Revolution Aprons are offered in our Three Smart Armor Core Material Options: Regular Lead, Lightweight Composite and Greenlite, as well as the all-new KIARMOR Bi-Layer protection.