Fabric Network Controller (FNC) Software

Build High-Performance storage networks without all the cost and complexity

The Jeda FNC creates a high performance “storage network overlay” on top of an Ethernet fabric. This Software Defined Storage Network (SDSN) transforms the Ethernet fabric into a powerful and agile storage networking fabric.
Jeda’s FNC enables enterprises to create high performance storage networks by removing the need for proprietary and high cost SAN hardware and software.


Maximize Performance
The Jeda FNC enables the most efficient path from servers to storage. Mission critical, media-based, VDI and Cloud Computing all perform faster with a Jeda enabled SAN fabric.

Cut Management Costs
Use standard networking tools to manage and troubleshoot your SAN. Jeda simplifies management of SANs by mapping your SAN requirements to the physical Ethernet network

No Hardware Lock-In
The FNC works with multiple 10GB Ethernet switch platforms, so you can choose and grow with the switch and features that are right for you.

Enable the Future
The Virtual Enterprise demands solutions that expand, migrate, and scale dynamically. Only the Jeda FNC meets all these requirements. With Jeda, your networks are ready to grow to 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet and beyond.