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BlueArc Suite of Data Protection Information Services

In addition to the hardware based protection built into Mercury and Titan’s architecture such as redundant components and RAID, BlueArc provides a comprehensive suite of Data Protection Information Services. At a high level, these include: active/active local, campus and extended clustering for high availability, instant file system recovery from snapshots, multiple checkpoints for file system rollback, synchronous and asynchronous replication, and integrated anti-virus and backup. These numerous protection methodologies together protect against all threat profiles to include logical, physical and site outages.

Clustering of up to 8 active/active nodes increases system availability by shortening planned and un-planned recovery times. In the rare event that a node within the cluster ceases to function properly, the remaining nodes seamlessly assume all functions of the failed node. Virtual servers are automatically migrated to a functional node with corresponding policy information while mapping to virtual machines is maintained. This means that all data is accessible from any node in the cluster – up to 100k distant for extended campuses. Additionally, BlueArc has recently decreased cluster failover times by ensuring that replay and file system recovery functions are performed concurrently. Also, rolling cluster upgrades allow for each cluster in a node to perform sequential, minor firmware updates without disruption or downtime. Each cluster is simply updated in round robin fashion until all nodes are running the same version.

BlueArc File System Software

There’s no question about it. File-based data is growing at an exponential rate, generated by the proliferation of clients who need to share more data, with more people than ever before.

But, as data continues to multiply, so do the storage scalability challenges, which in turn often strain budgets, core architecture components such as file systems, hardware requirements and so forth.

Lowering the total cost of ownership is driving the demand for greater storage efficiency, which is mandating the need for architecture optimization in key areas such as compression, deduplication, current and projected capacity, automated data movement between tiers of storage, file system management, backup, retention, accessibility and availability.

Never has there been a greater need to scale bigger, store smarter and accelerate the entire process. Business demands solutions that break all storage barriers, without compromise. That’s what we do. And we do it better than any one else.



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