Storage Arrays from BlueArc

BlueArc offers a family of disk arrays designed to take advantage of the management, storage virtualization and intelligent tiering capabilities of BlueArc’s network storage platforms. There is a significant benefit in purchasing disk arrays from BlueArc because each array we offer has been finely tuned for optimum performance with our Titan and Mercury product families. In addition, BlueArc branded disk arrays have been fully integrated with our system and data management solutions, enabling single-pane-of-glass management of arrays, BlueArc SiliconFS and advanced features such as dynamic read caching, data migration and data protection are available, along with our breakthrough solutions in Tiered Storage.

BlueArc offers three disk array models to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Each array model is available with performance options, multiple disk drive types and capacities to allow you to select a storage configuration that exactly meets your needs.

  • BlueArc RS12 Storage Array
    The BlueArc RS12 storage array provides scalability up to 96 disk drives. Each controller module and expansion shelf holds twelve 3.5” drives in a 2U chassis, and with options for ultra high performance SSD drives, high performance 15,000 RPM SAS and the more affordable 7,200 RPM Nearline SAS drives.

One of the key features of the BlueArc array family is its ability to integrate the latest disk technologies available on the market, specifically SAS 2.0, Nearline SAS and Solid State Drives (SSDs) in both 2.5” and 3.5” sizes. BlueArc arrays deliver high performance and capacity are suitable for a wide range of applications demanding speed, performance and scalability: From data-intensive medical research to computer generated imagery for film and games to the meticulous detail and intelligent tiering required to meet the most stringent demands in virtualized data centers, eDiscovery or design and simulation.

In addition to the BlueArc branded array series, BlueArc platforms also support the industry leading storage arrays from Hitachi Data Systems and Data Direct Networks. Customers can purchase products and service agreements for disk arrays from these vendors directly through BlueArc. Each disk array we offer from these vendors has been integrated to work with BlueArc Mercury and Titan storage platforms for optimal performance. By being able to purchase products as well as service through BlueArc, customers gain the advantage of contracting with one vendor for their total networked storage solution. The combination of BlueArc storage arrays as well as partner arrays offers customers the opportunity to scale from a single shelf of 12 drives up to configurations supporting multiple petabytes of storage. BlueArc also supports solid state storage arrays purchased from Texas Memory Systems.

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RS12 Storage Array Datasheet